Colorful fish, tropical reefs, and warm water await your Semporna snorkelling experience. Did you know that the islands in Semporna are a great place to snorkel?

The snorkeling and diving off the Semporna’s Islands are well known for being home to some of the most diverse reefs on the planet. With a huge variety of different tropical fish and coral reefs, snorkeling in the islands is a must activity for all the family and is an experience to be treasured and remembered!


On all of our day trips you will get the chance to put on a mask and snorkel to see what Semporna snorkelling has to offer. Let us help you discover the underwater world in Semporna.




We have 30 full time snorkelling guides who will help you with your equipment. In the water, we have full time supervision by our trained staff; we also have life jackets and flotation devices for those that are not so comfortable in the water. 

Our specially designated snorkelling areas make snorkelling in the islands a really safe and enjoyable activity for all the family.

If snorkeling is not quite enough for you then we do have offered the diving courses. We are happy to take any snorkelers that want to try diving out with us in the islands of Semporna. 

Our Discover Scuba Diving program is perfect for those snorkelers looking to spend more time up close with the marine life. You will see our dive team aboard the speedy boat every day; just let us know if you want to try scuba diving.